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We have scrutinize every aspect of our operations in order to create topnotch investment programs and client services as oppose to just following the norm. We strive to bring about fundamental changes in way the business is conducted and create a unique investment advisory experience for our clients. Here are some of the things we are proud to be uniquely different and why you will be better with us:

Dual Financial Experts

As oppose to the traditional single-advisor system where one client is typically advised by one financial advisor. We have created a parallel system where every client would retain and be advised by two dedicated and qualified financial experts: a Financial Consultant and a Portfolio Manager. The Financial Consultant will focus on the personal and family financial planning in areas such as retirement, estate, tax and other miscellaneous planning. The Portfolio Manager will provide dedicated investment management and exclusive investment insights for clients. Additional in-house or external support would be provided in the areas of legal, accounting and banking should the client desires.

Proprietary Researches and Models

We created a proprietary computer assisted program to quantitatively evaluate over 10,000 equity and fixed income securities traded on US, Hong Kong and China mainland markets. Our quantitative algorithm and models are designed to exploit some of the market inefficiencies or mispricing by combining rigorous technical analysis and intensive fundamental research. Through our proprietary models, we can quickly and systematically process large amount of information and rank the investment opportunities from the most to the least attractive after filtering out any irrelevant data. Through rigorous monitoring, we actively rebalance the portfolios to ensure the risk/reward balance we have established for them is consistently maintained.

Not Holding Client's Assets

Vestmore does not hold client's assets and never in contact with client's actual money. We believe protecting money is as important as growing it. All client's assets are held and protected at an independent broker or a custodian of client's preference. We are appointed by the client to carry out activities related to investment management and financial planning. This separation of investment management and asset custodian ensures the highest safety of client's assets and prevents Lehman-style asset default.

Low Management Fee

We offer some of the lowest fixed management fees for actively managed portfolios in the industry.

New Benchmark for Performance Fee

We pioneered an industry-first performance fee structure to align our interests with those of our clients. We set a new benchmark on how the investment managers should be compensated for performance. Under our one of a kind fee structure, clients will no longer have to endure those hefty, unnecessary and unjustified fees.

Professionalism and Code of Ethics

We are among the very few advisors who officially adopt the CFA Institute's Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. All our staff are required to conduct themselves with integrity, competence, diligence, respect and in an ethical manner throughout their professional and personal lives.

For the Public Good –"Pro Bono Publico"

We are proud ourselves to be the first company in the industry to offer portfolio management free of charge. For qualified charitable, non-profit, educational or public services organizations, we provide an investment program that all management fee and performance bonus are waived for a period of two years.

Same Financial Interests as Our Clients

Our clients trust us and we take this trust seriously. We commit to align our goals with those of our clients by investing our own money in the same strategies as our clients. All accounts of investment managers, staff and their immediate family members are invested and managed in the same manner as our clients' portfolios. We understand the only way we success is our clients are successful.


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