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There's no silver bullet when comes to investing. We believe, through the proprietary quantitative investment system we developed in-house, that our clients will have a higher probability of achieving and exceeding their investment mandates under a consistent and disciplined manner.

Based on our knowledge, experiences and the computer technology, we developed a proprietary multi-factor quantitative system to rigorously evaluate each security's fundamental and technical data and rank them according to their investment potential, both long and short-terms. We attempt to identify and invest in securities or companies that are in the midst of positive fundamental change with reasonable valuations and volatility and sell those that are in the midst of negative fundamental changes that have high valuation or volatility.

We then build distinct investment strategies after incorporate our client's unique investment and risk mandates. In the process, sophisticated risk control tools are used to construct the portfolios in order to minimize risks within it. At Vestmore, we focus on management of risks over management of returns. Therefore each strategy is clearly defined and results are easily comparable and portable.

Currently our investment system tracks about 10,000 investable securities that are traded on the exchanges of US, China and Hong Kong.


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