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At Vestmore, we strive to create long-term capital growth through our uniquely designed quantitative securities selection screens and customized investment strategies.

Over the years, market theorists and strategists have focused on theories such as efficient market hypothesis to be the foundation of the investment management. Contrary to the well-received mainstream investment philosophy, we believe that investors are irrational and markets are inefficient at time. Hence, we have developed quantitative algorithm and models to exploit some of the inefficiencies by combining rigorous technical analysis and intensive fundamental research.

Through our proprietary models, we can quickly and systematically process large amount of information and rank the investment opportunities from the most to the least attractive after filtering out any irrelevant data. We believe that the stock prices of good companies may underperform and those of inferior companies may turn around. By quantitatively focusing on the unique aspects of securities' technical and fundamental data, we attempt to identify sustainable growth trend or turnaround pivot.

Our investment approach is disciplined and unbiased. We are confident in helping our clients to meet and exceed their investment objectives.


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